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Stabile Commission

The stabile commission “Kalos Eidos was designed and fabricated to mimic historic building facades found on Main Street in historic Van Buren, Arkansas. The commission was done for Arts on Main.

Kalos Eidos.jpg

Pedestal Commission

This pedestal was designed and fabricated to display a rock found on the client's property.


Bronze Commission

This bronze abstract was designed and sculpted to commemorate the life of Kenneth Newton.  This sculpture is located at the Maumelle Country Club in Arkansas.


Painting Commission

This oil painting depicts Pepper & Halo


When I work with a client, I want to do more than just a visual representation per their request. I like to add some emotion and personality to the finished piece. These two dogs are rescued, they were strays and acquired about the same time. Pepper, the dog on the upper left is the alpha with an attitude. He has never got over his past, needs to be in control, rule his world. Halo, the dog on the right is more like a Tibetan Monk, calm, serene is at peace with the past and himself but if needed can do some damage. He will only take so much gruff from Pepper then strike back with a vengeance. I attempted to put these characteristics into the painting. My challenge was to do something so that years from now when the painting is viewed the personality of the dogs are there, not just the visual representation. So, Pepper is looking majestic like he is in charge of his domain while Halo is calm, at peace, sticking his tongue out at Pepper.


Painting Commission

These two abstract oil paintings are painted as one then separated on the wall.  The colors were matched to enrich the design of the space within the house.


Painting Commission

This oil painting depicts the clients home located on a golf course in Kentucky.

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