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Studio: 507 673 4090 Cell: 262 707 5843

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People's Choice Award, South Arkansas Art Center, El Dorado, Juried Exhibit, “Fragmented Fantasies”

Patrick Fleming is a fine artist originally from Calumet City, Illinois who now sculpts and paints out of his studio in Roland, Arkansas.  After serving in the Navy, he received his BA in studio art from Loyola University of Chicago where he learned lost wax bronze casting.  Working for 35 years as a model maker, designer and production coordinator has influenced him to use various substrates and techniques to achieve his desired effect in his art. He works with bold colors, diverse structures and negative space cavities to enhance the unresolved nature of the art and to arouse surreal, sensual emotions.  Patrick has been exhibited throughout the Midwest in numerous juried exhibits, including Sculpture at the River Market and the Delta Exhibit in Little Rock Arkansas plus 64 Arts National Juried Exhibition, Buchanan Center for the Arts in Monmouth, Illinois.  His art is also in private collections plus commissioned pieces and sculpture restorations.


I examine the duality of human nature through tangibles and negative space.  This juxtaposition of void and physicality mirrors the presence of vice and value, passion and animosity present in our own humanity. I resolve to create tension and surge within my pieces, thus inviting the viewer to see what is not there, question the nucleus of human nature, and quantify what is present within the void.   Pursuing this duality by evoking various emotions, the cavity will enhance the function of the art, allowing the empty space around the sculpture or painting to become integral to the work.  By incorporating color as a passionate element, I propose to both enhance or liberate the tension envisioned within the cavity.  The act of creation is an act of hope. The hope is that, like in these pieces, humanity can find unity with their emptiness, and in so doing, reach a place of healing and peace.  We become art when we can accept our void and make it part of ourselves.


Studio:  501-673-4090

Cell:  262-707-5843


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